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11 The GNU Pascal To-Do List.

This is the To-Do list for the GNU Pascal Compiler.

The GNU Pascal development team is constantly working on making GNU Pascal more reliable and more comfortable. However, there are some known bugs which will take some time to be fixed (any help welcome!), and we do not want to hide them from you. You might also be interested to know what features are planned to be implemented in the future. This list is meant to keep track of the known bugs and wanted features of GPC.

If you want to report a new bug or suggest a new feature, the best way to do it is in the mailing list. This way, other GPC users can provide additional ideas, perhaps work-arounds for bugs, and the GPC maintainers can sooner start to think about how to solve the problem. The GPC mailing list is To subscribe, send the command subscribe gpc your@email.address in the body of a mail to (the subject is ignored). An archive of the mailing list can be found at

The list changes regularly. The present version refers to the current GPC snapshot, 20050331.

This list is part of the GNU Pascal Manual, included in GPC distributions and snapshots. You can always browse the most current version of the list on GPC's WWW page. If you check the To-Do list regularly you can decide if and when to try a new snapshort.