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GPC supports restricted types, defined in Extended Pascal. A value of a restricted type may be passed as a value parameter to a formal parameter possessing its underlying type, or returned as the result of a function. A variable of a restricted type may be passed as a variable parameter to a formal parameter possessing the same type or its underlying type. No other operations, such as accessing a component of a restricted type value or performing arithmetic, are possible.

     program RestrictedDemo;
       UnrestrictedRecord = record
         a: Integer;
       RestrictedRecord = restricted UnrestrictedRecord;
       r1: UnrestrictedRecord;
       r2: RestrictedRecord;
       i: restricted Integer;
       k: Integer;
     function AccessRestricted (p: UnrestrictedRecord): RestrictedRecord;
     var URes: UnrestrictedRecord;
       { The parameter is treated as unrestricted, even though the actual
         parameter may be restricted }
       URes.a := p.a;
       { It is allowed to assign a function result }
       AccessRestricted := URes;
       r1.a := 354;
       { Assigning a restricted function result to a restricted variable }
       { @@ Verify if this should really be allowed????? }
       r2 := AccessRestricted (r1);
       { Passing a restricted value to unrestricted formal parameter is ok }
       r2 := AccessRestricted (r2);
       {$ifdef BUG}
       { *** The following statements are not allowed *** }
       k := r2.a;      { field access (reading) }
       r2.a := 100;    { field access (writing) }
       r1 := r2;       { assignment source is restricted }
       r2 := r1;       { assignment target is restricted }
       r1 := AccessRestricted (r2); { assigning a restricted function
                                      result to an unrestricted object }
       i  := 16#ffff;  { assignment target is restricted }
       k  := i + 2;    { arithmetic with restricted value }