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10.6 How to report GPC bugs

If you encounter a bug with GPC, please check whether it is one of the known bugs (see Known Bugs). If not, please report it to the GNU Pascal mailing list (see Mailing List). That way, they always reach the maintainers. Please note the following points.

If the problem is with the compiler itself, not an installation problem or something like this, please provide a test program to reproduce the problem, and note the following hints. You can also contribute test programs for features that are working in GPC to ensure they will not break in future releases.

The preferred form for test programs is the form that the automated GPC Test Suite understands. Please, if at all possible, send your test programs in this form which should be easy to do, so we won't have to waste our time to bring them into this form, and can concentrate on fixing the problem.

The following special features of the Test Suite may be helpful for constructing slightly unusual tests: