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10.3 Newsgroups relevant to GPC

To get support, you can also ask the Usenet newsgroups for help. There are several Pascal related newsgroups, but none is dedicated just to GNU Pascal, so use the one which is most appropriate for your problem. For general Pascal questions, we recommend the following one:

news://comp.lang.pascal.misc Pascal in general and ungrouped Pascals.

Pascal syntax related questions may be appropriate in:

news://comp.lang.pascal.ansi-iso Pascal according to ANSI and ISO standards.

The next newsgroup is a haven for beginners, answering questions that would apply to almost any Pascal. However, if you have a GPC-specific question don't post there – use the GPC mailing list. And when in doubt use the GPC mailing list.

news://comp.lang.pascal.borland Borland Pascal questions.

Don't forget to give back what you have obtained. None of us is getting money for answering your questions (unless you pay us by yourself). Please do your part by answering the questions of others instead.