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       array_type_identifier = array [index_type] of element_type


       array_type_identifier = array [index_type, ..., index_type] of element_type

The reserved word array defines an array type. index_type has to be an ordinal type, subrange type or an enumerated type, where several index types, separated by commas, are allowed. element_type is an arbitrary type. An element of an array is accessed by array_type_variable [index_number]. The upper and lower index bounds can be determined by the intrinsic functions High and Low.

       IntArray = array [1 .. 20] of Integer;
       Foo      = array [(Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, Su)] of Char;
       Bar      = array [0 .. 9, 'a' .. 'z', (Qux, Glork1, Fred)] of Real;
       Baz1     = array [1 .. 10] of IntArray;
       { equal (but declared differently): }
       Baz2     = array [1 .. 10, 1 .. 20] of Integer;

See also

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