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Appendix D Contributors to GNU Pascal.

Jukka Virtanen
invented GNU Pascal in March 1988, implemented the ISO 7185 and most of the ISO 10206 standard, etc.
Dr. Peter Gerwinski
added Borland Pascal related and other extensions to GNU Pascal in summer 1995, ported GPC to EMX, did most of the development of the compiler from 1996 to 2001, created the WWW home page, etc.
Jan-Jaap van der Heijden
ported GPC to DJGPP and to Microsoft Windows 95/NT, added ELF support in spring 1996, solved a lot of configuration and compatibility problems, created the GPC FAQ, etc.
Frank Heckenbach
rewrote and maintains the Run Time System since July 1997, does most of the development of the compiler since July 2001, wrote most of the units, demo programs, scripts and utilities distributed with GPC, wrote many test programs, maintains the GPC To-Do list (see To Do) and the WWW home page, etc.
Waldek Hebisch
made GPC compatible with gcc-3.1.1 and later backend versions, fixed backend problems on various targets and improved the frontend in the areas of structured initializers, qualified identifiers, etc.
Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (“The African Chief”)
created the original versions of many BP compatibility units in May 1997, contributed code to other units and the Run Time System, helped porting GPC and the units to Cygwin, mingw and MSYS, wrote a number of test programs, contributed a Borland Delphi-compatible SysUtils unit, etc.
Nicholas Burrett
fixed some bugs and cleaned up GPC in May 1998, etc.
Dominik Freche
improved and extended the GPC manual in August – September 1999 and wrote conversion routines for Borland compatible 6 Byte floating point numbers in December 1999.
Alexey Volokhov
improved the performance of GPC's module/unit support in June 1997.
Bill Currie
implemented more Borland extensions into GPC in July 1997.
Nicola Girardi
wrote the GNU Pascal Coding Standards in November 2001, contributed a GPC unit for the svgalib graphics library for some platforms in February 2000, provided some portability enhancements to the RTS.
Eike Lange
wrote an internationalization unit, translated the GNU Pascal Coding Standards into German and worked on the documentation.
Mirsad Todorovac
translated the GPC documentation into Croatian and contributed code to the run time system.
Francisco Javier Fernandez Serrador
translated the GPC documentation into Spanish.
Maurice Lombardi
maintains the DJGPP port of GPC, improved the numerical routines for real and complex numbers and improved and extended the GMP real routines.
Emil Jerabek
improved the numerical routines for real and complex numbers.
Adriaan van Os
helped with the port of GPC to Mac OS X and set up a web site with sources, binaries, patches and building instructions for this platform, and helped with Mac Pascal dialect support in GPC, since January 2003.
Neil Santos
James A. Morrison
helps porting GPC to GCC-4.x backends since February 2005.
Russell Whitaker
updated and maintained the GNU Pascal FAQ. (see FAQ)
Matthias Klose
integrated GPC into EGCS and Debian GNU/Linux in May 1998, improved the installation process, etc.
Peter N Lewis
added support for Mac Pascal dialect specific features and improved the documentation.
Orlando Llanes
provided some contributions to the manual in May 1998.

The development of GNU Pascal profits a lot from independent contributions:

Anja Gerwinski
maintains the GPC mailing list, since September 1999.
Berend de Boer
wrote a lot of useful documentation about Extended Pascal in 1995.
Markus Gerwinski
created the drawing showing a Gnu with Blaise Pascal -- small (PNG, 1 kB) large (PNG, 10 kB) --and helped to design the WWW home page in October 1996.
Eike Lange
is writing a book about GPC in German since March 2003.
Eike Lange
wrote units to access MySQL, GNU DBM and PostgreSQL databases in August 2000, and a unit (now part of GPC) and tools for internationalization in October – December 2001.
Eike Lange and Nicola Girardi
together contributed a set of GTK units in February – May 2001.
Nicola Girardi
wrote the GNU Pascal Coding Standards in English. Eike Lange translated them to German.
Prof. Phil Nelson
created a bug reporting system for GPC in October 1996.
Robert Höhne
wrote RHIDE, an integrated development environment for GNU compilers running under Dos (DJGPP) and Linux, and added support for GNU Pascal in autumn 1996.
Sven Hilscher
wrote a mostly BP compatible Graph unit for several platforms in December 1996, now part of the GRX library.
Dario Anzani (“Predator Zeta”)
contributed documentation about the use of assembler in GNU Pascal in May 1997. (see Assembler)
Dieter Schmitz
set up a German mailing list for GPC, Mailing List, in March 2001.
This space is reserved for your name. ;−) Please contact us at the GPC mailing list, Mailing List, if you have something interesting for us.

We thank everybody who supports us by reporting bugs, providing feedback, contributing knowledge and good ideas, donating development tools, and giving us the opportunity to test GPC on a large variety of systems. We are particularly indebted (in alphabetical order, individuals first) to

Sietse Achterop, Jawaad Ahmad, Montaz Ali, Jamie Allan, Strobe Anarkhos, John P. R. Archer, Phil Armsdon, Geoffrey Arnold, Artur Bac, Steven J. Backus, Geoff Bagley, Andy Ball, Uwe Bauermann, Silvio a Beccara, Michael Behm, Ariel Bendersky, Pablo Bendersky, John Blakeney, Nicolas Bley, Philip Blundell, Preben Mikael Bohn, Ernst-Ludwig Bohnen, Nils Bokermann, Francesco Bonomi, J. Booij, Patrice Bouchand, Jim Brander, Frank Thomas Braun, Matthias Braun, Marcus Brinkmann, Steve Brooker, Doug Brookmann, J. David Bryan, Kev Buckley, Jason Burgon, Ricky W. Butler, Dr. E. Buxbaum, Andrew Cagney, Loris Caren, Theo Carr-Brion, Fernando Carrilho, Larry Carter, Fabio Casamatta, Janet Casey, Romain Chantereau, Emmanuel Chaput, Jean-Pierre Chevillard, Carl Eric Codere, Jean-Philippe Combe, Paolo Cortelli, F. Couperin, Nicolas Courtel, Miklos Cserzo, Tim Currie, Serafim Dahl, Paul Davidson, Martin G. C. Davies, Stefan A. Deutscher, Jerry van Dijk, Thomas Dunbar, Andreas Eckleder, Stephan Eickschen, Frank D. Engel Jr., Sven Engelhardt, Klaus Espenlaub, Toby Ewing, Chuck B. Falconer, Joachim Falk, Irfan Fazel, Carel Fellinger, Francisco Javier Fernandez, Christopher Ferrall, David Fiddes, Alfredo Cesar Fontana, Kevin A. Foss, B. Gayathri, Marius Gedminas, Philip George, Nicholas Geovanis, Jose Oliver Gil, Thorsten Glaser, Jing Gloria, Roland Goretzki, Morten Gulbrandsen, Gerrit P. Haase, Kocherlakota Harikrishna, Joe Hartley, Hans Hauska, Jakob Heinemann, Boris Herman, Arvid Herzenberg, Thorsten Hindermann, Honda Hirotaka, Stephen Hurd, Nick Ioffe, Mason Ip, Fredrik Ismyren, Richard D. Jackson, Daniel Jacobowitz, Grant Jacobs, Andreas Jaeger, Frank Jahnke, David James, Nathalie Jarosz, Sven Jauring, Niels Kristian Bech Jensen, Johanna Johnston, Achim Kalwa, Christine Karow, Tim Kaulmann, Thomas Keller, Clark Kent, Victor Khimenko, Russell King, Niels Ole Staub Kirkeby, Prof. Donald E. Knuth, Michael Kochiashvili, Tomasz Kowaltowski, David Kredba, Peter Ulrich Kruppa, Jochen Kuepper, Casper ter Kuile, Oliver Kullmann, Krzysztof Kwapien, Randy Latimer, Bernard Leak, Olivier Lecarme, Wren Lee, Martin Liddle, Kennith Linder, Stephen Lindholm, Orlando Llanes, Miguel Lobo, Benedict Lofstedt, Steve Loft, John Logsdon, Dominique Louis, Dmitry S. Luhtionov, Jesper Lund, Martin Maechler, Muhammad Umer Mansoor, Claude Marinier, Ingvar Marny, Antony Matranga, Michael McCarthy, Michael Meeks, Clyde Meli, Axel Mellinger, Bryan Meredith, Jeff Miller, John Miller, Russell Minnich, Rudy Moddemeijer, Jason Moore, Scott A. Moore, Jeffrey Moskot, Pierre Muller, Adam Naumowicz, Nathanael Nerode, Andreas Neumann, Christian Neumann, Peter Norton, Adam Oldham, Gerhard Olejniczak, Alexandre Oliva, John G. Ollason, Marius Onica, Ole Osterby, Klaus Friis Ostergaard, Jean-Marc Ottorini, Michael Paap, Gale Paeper, Matija Papec, Miguel A. Alonso Pardo, Laurent Parise, Andris Pavenis, Robert R. Payne, Opie Pecheux, Jose M. Perez, Ronald Perrella, Bjorn Persson, Per Persson, Michael Pfeiffer, Pierre Phaneuf, Pascal Pignard, Tam Pikey, Nuno Pinhao, Philip Plant, Larry Poorman, Stuart Pope, Yuri Prokushev, Huge Rademaker, Shafiek Rasdien, Mike Reid, Leon Renkema, John L. Ries, Phil Robertson, Clive Rodgers, Jim Roland, Guillaume Rousse, Daniel Rudy, Marten Jan de Ruiter, Martin Rusko, Sven Sahle, Neil Santos, Carl-Johan Schenstrom, Robert B. Scher, Hartmut Schmider, Thomas D. Schneider, Dominique Schuppli, Egbert Seibertz, George Shapovalov, Richard Sharman, Patrick Sharp, Joe da Silva, Arcadio Alivio Sincero, Ian Sinclair, Kasper Souren, Tomas Srb, Anuradha Srinivasan, David Starner, Andrew Stribblehill, Alan Sun, Veli Suorsa, Matthew Swift, Mark Taylor, Paul Tedaldi, Robin S. Thompson, Ian Thurlbeck, Gerhard Tonn, Ivan Torshin, Bernhard Tschirren, Josef Urban, Luiz Vaz, Tom Verhoeff, Kresimir Veselic, Jean-Pierre Vial, Alejandro Villarroel, Bohdan Vlasyuk, Marco van de Voort, Raymond Wang, Nic Webb, Peter Weber, Francisco Stefano Wechsler, Christian Wendt, Benedikt Wildenhain, Gareth Wilson, Marc van Woerkom, David Wood, Michael Worsley, Takashi Yamanoue, George L. Yang, Salaam Yitbarek, Dafi Yondra, Eli Zaretskii, Artur Zaroda, Gerhard Zintel, Mariusz Zynel, the BIP at the University of Birmingham, UK, the Institut fuer Festkoerperforschung (IFF) at the Forschungszentrum Juelich, Germany, CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research NETwork), the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the University of Zagreb, Croatia,

and everybody we might have forgotten to mention here. Thanks to all of you!

GNU Pascal is based on GNU CC by Richard Stallman. Several people have contributed to GNU CC: