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6.2.4 Built-in Real (Floating Point) Types

GPC has three built-in floating point types to represent real numbers. Each of them is available under two names (for compatibility to other compilers and languages).

For most purposes, you will always use Real which is the only one of them that is part of Standard and Extended Pascal. If memory constraints apply, you might want to choose ShortReal for larger arrays. On the other hand, if high precision is needed, you can use LongReal. When interfacing with libraries written in other languages such as C, you will need the equivalents for their real types.

Note that not all machines support longer floating point types, so LongReal is the same as Real on these machines. Also, some machines may support a longer type, but not do all arithmetic operations (e.g. the Sin function, Sin) in a precision higher than that of Real. If you need higher precision, you can look at the GMP unit (see GMP) which provides rational and real numbers with arbitrary precision, but their usage is different from normal real types.

The following real types are guaranteed to be compatible to the real types of GNU C. The sizes given, however, are not guaranteed. They are just typical values used on any IEEE compatible floating point hardware, but they may be different on some machines.

type name alternative name GNU C equivalent size in bits (typically)
ShortReal Single float 32
Real Double double 64
LongReal Extended long double 80