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In some situations you will need an integer type of a well-defined size. For this purpose, GNU Pascal provides type attributes (see attribute). The type

     Integer attribute (Size = 42)

is guaranteed to have a precision of 42 bits. In a realistic context, you will most often give a power of two as the number of bits, and the machine you will need it on will support variables of that size. If this is the case, the specified precision will simultaneously be the amount of storage needed for variables of this type.

In short: If you want to be sure that you have a signed integer with 32 bits width, write Integer attribute (Size = 32), not just Integer which might be bigger. The same works with unsigned integer types such as Cardinal and Word and with Boolean types.

This way, you can't get a higher precision than that of LongestInt or LongestCard (see Main Branch Integer Types). If you need higher precision, you can look at the GMP unit (see GMP) which provides integer types with arbitrary precision, but their usage is different from normal integer types.