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     procedure GetMem (var p: Pointeger; Size: Cardinal);


Allocates dynamical storage on the heap and returns a pointer to it in p.

Since Extended Pascal's schemata provide a cleaner way to implement dynamical arrays and such, we recommend using GetMem and FreeMem only for low-level applications.

Conforming to

GetMem is a Borland Pascal extension.


The Borland-comatibility unit Graph from the BPcompat package supports a GetImage and a PutImage procedure which need a variable of size ImageSize as a buffer. Since these are “black box” routines, the buffer can't reasonably be a schema providing a dynamical array. Instead, we have to use GetMem and FreeMem for dynamical memory allocation.

     program GetMemDemo;
       Buffer: Pointer;
       Size: Cardinal;
       Size := Random (10000);  { the size can be determined at run time }
       GetMem (Buffer, Size);
       { Do something with Buffer }
       FreeMem (Buffer)  { or: FreeMem (Buffer, Size) }

See also

FreeMem, New, Schema Types.