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6.2.8 File Types

Files are used to store data permanently, normally on hard drives or floppies. There are tree types of files available: text files, typed and untyped files.

Text files are used to store text in them, where typed files are used to store many entries of the same type in them, e.g. addresses. Text files and typed files are accessible by Read and Write operations and do not need the parameter BlockSize in Reset or Rewrite. On the other hand, untyped files are used to store any type of information in them but you need to use BlockWrite or BlockRead to store or retrieve data out of this file.

       F1: Text;   { a textfile }
       F2: file of Real;   { a typed filed used to store real values in it }
       F3: File;   { an untyped file }

See also

File Routines, Write, Read, BlockRead, BlockWrite, Reset, Rewrite