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Other resources for use with GPC.

This page is a direct extract from the GPC Manual. If you want to browse the manual, you can start at the top of the manual or at the counterpart of this page within the manual.

Appendix E Resources For Use With GPC.

Many of the programs mentioned here, plus some more, can be found at

[Gnu and Blaise Pascal]
(PNG, 10 KB)

GNU Pascal Drawing

Here is our GNU Pascal drawing as a small (1 KB) and a large PNG image (10 KB), as an EPS file (45 KB), and as a PDF file (18 KB).

Due to patent problems we do not use GIF files. Fortunately the PNG format, the successor of GIF, does not have this problem – and introduces better compression and more advanced features anyway.

By the way, the color gradient that makes our page background is a PNG file of only 632 bytes. It was generated by a Pascal program compiled with GPC and pnmtopng. [Example]

[PENG screen]
(PNG, 7 KB)


PENG is an integrated development environment (IDE) for GNU Compilers and other purposes on any platform supported by GPC, written by Frank Heckenbach. The home page of PENG is

[RHIDE screen]
(PNG, 8 KB)


RHIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for GNU Compilers on DOS (DJGPP) or Linux, written by Robert Höhne. The home page of RHIDE is


DevPascal is an integrated development environment (IDE) for GNU Pascal on mingw32. The home page of DevPascal is

[GRX demo program screen]
(PNG, 38 KB)


GRX is a graphics library for C and GNU Pascal, including a mostly BP compatible Graph unit. It is available from

Although GRX originated on DJGPP, a DOS programming platform, it is portable to Linux with SVGAlib, to all Unix-like systems running the X11 window system, and to MS-Windows 9x/NT.


Units and tools for internationalization are available in

Database units

GNU Pascal units to access MySQL, GNU DBM and PostgreSQL databases are available in

GTK units

GNU Pascal units for the GTK+ and GTK+ GL libraries are available in


A book about GPC manual in German written by Eike Lange can be found in

SysUtils unit

Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku (“The African Chief”) wrote a Delphi-compatible (though a few routines are still missing) SysUtils unit. It has been tested under Cygwin, mingw, Linux (Mandrake 7.0), and Solaris 7. It can be downloaded from

Crystal, a mailing list archive program

Crystal is a web based mailing list archive, written for GNU Pascal and used for the archives of GPC's mailing lists (see Mailing List Archives). The source code can be found at

ISO standards

The Pascal standard specifications are available in PostScript format at

Alternative addresses are

There are also copies at
     (ISO 7185 Pascal)
     (ISO 10206 Extended Pascal)

Note: These documents are a bit hard to navigate (e.g., in ghostview) because they are missing the so called “document structuring comments” (DSC). The GPC source distribution contains a little script ps2dsc to add the DSC again and make the documents easier to navigate. Note that for reasons of copyright, you are probably only allowed to do this for your own use and not to distribute the modified files.

You can find an easy-to-read introduction to Extended Pascal by Prospero Software at

Please note that Standard Pascal is not the same as Borland Pascal nor a subset of it. See Highlights for examples of Standard Pascal features that are missing in Borland Pascal.

Scott A. Moore's ANSI-ISO Pascal FAQ (132 KB) discusses the differences between both dialects in detail.

The draft standard “Object-Oriented Extensions to Pascal” can be found at

Software Patents Kill Innovation

Programming activities of small companies and individuals are threatened by software patents. If you are a programmer, you are in danger, too! Your employer or yourself might be sued by a large company holding a patent on some ideas you are using in your programs. (You need not use foreign code in order to become vulnerable.)

For more information look at (Europe) (USA)

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