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GNU Pascal download area: Current

On this page you can find the source code of the latest final release of GPC.

This release is currently version 2.1 or 20020510. (The respective files are the same: 2.1 is the official release number, but to ease automated download and install scripts, the version is also given as a date, just like the alpha and beta releases are labeled.)

More recent development versions can be found on the alpha and beta pages. They usually contain features and also bugfixes not present in the latest final release, but they are not so well tested and therefore may contain new bugs. When experiencing problems with GPC, please if possible, retry things with the latest alpha or beta version to find out if the problems have already been fixed in them.

On the other download pages you will find:

Icon  Name                         Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] gcc-2.95.4cvs.tar.bz2 11M GCC backend (CVS 2.95.4) [   ] gcc-core-2.95.2.tar.gz 8.5M GCC backend (2.95.2) [   ] gpc-20020510.tar.gz 2.8M GPC release [   ] gpc-2.1.tar.gz 2.8M GPC release [   ] 1.0M GPC Test Suite alone [   ] gpc-test-2.1.tar.gz 297K GPC Test Suite alone [TXT] done-2.1.html 97K Detailed list of changes [   ] gpc-20020502-2.1.diff.gz 52K Diff between two GPC versions [TXT] news-2.1.html 36K New features in the GPC release [   ] public.key 1.8K GnuPG/PGP public verification key [   ] news-2.1.html.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] gpc-test-2.1.tar.gz.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] gpc-20020510.tar.gz.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] gpc-20020502-2.1.diff.gz.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] gpc-2.1.tar.gz.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature [   ] done-2.1.html.sig 189 GnuPG/PGP verification signature
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