GNU Pascal (GPC) for Win32 (MSYS)

This page contains information relating to GPC for Win32. The compiler is based on the MSYS runtime.

Please check the GNU-Win32 sites listed below for further details about Mingw32, MSYS, and Cygwin.

Downloads (please download and install one of the following)

Recent Snapshots (10 November 2004)

Source code, etc.

GPC Installation

Install GPC by going into your MSYS root directory (i.e., "/"), and extracting the files in the tarball archive, with the directory structure retained.  


MSYS is a fully functional self-hosting toolchain. It is a fork of the Cygwin project, and is meant to be simply a  "minimalist" POSIX environment for building native Windows GNU tools. It is not meant to be a self-standing and fully fledged Win32 POSIX environment like Cygwin. However, I like the speed that derives from the minimalist ideology, and so I have ported GPC to MSYS. Trying to build your own compiler is not for the fainthearted. A significant amount of patching of GCC sources is required, and it may not even work in the end.

If you want to try anyway, you need to download and install the full MSYS environment AND the MSYS Developer Toolkit. You might also need to build some additional GNU tools under MSYS. As far as the compiler sources is concerned, see above.



1. The main MSYS site is the same as the Mingw site:

2. The main respository for MSYS binaries is:


1. The main Mingw site is:
* For a list of its mirrors, see:

2. The main respository for Mingw binaries is:

3. The Mingw32 FAQ is here:


1. The main Cygwin site is:
2. For the Cygwin runtime environment and toolchain see:

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